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A Black BoxThis EA
ABlackBoxSelfOptEAA Breakthrough! Using the logic behind the Classic A Black Box EA, a total self-optimizing, automatic and adaptive version has been developed. The optimizing feature is lightning fast giving you a clear indication of expected pips with current parameters right on your screen. Clearlymade for those who want more trading on lower timeframes. This EA is designed for use on all major pairs. It is best to be used on three timeframes or more. Higher timeframes catch trends and lower timeframes scalp. It can also be used on Indices, Commodities and minor pairs. Trades are automated, ATR stop logic is optimized. The settings are simple. Click and go trading 24/5.
A Black BoxThis EA finds optimal buy and sell points using an optimized standard deviation from an optimized exponential moving average. It always buys when relative prices are optimally low and always sells when relative prices are optimally high. The EA then trails an entry point using anoptimized ATR trailing stop and exits a trade when it:

  1. is trailed out or
  2. reaches the opposing optimal cluster.
It is more the way optimal points are analyzed and confirmed before a trade is taken that makes this system efficient. There is a methodology that has been used by the author for 21 years (I am a real trader!) that is incorporated in the EA. The basic premise of this method is that the market tends to fluctuate between optimal points most of the time. While catching a trend can be very profitable, there are many opportunities for profit in the meantime. By using longer timeframes, this system is also able to catch trends.

As it is a constantly optimizing EA, the default parameter set can be tested in the tester on EURUSD H1.

You can optimize any pair on any timeframe automatically just by loading the EA.

The EA will optimize as often as you want using the amount of bars you desire.

  • Magic Number
  • Lots
  • EquityProtection: The amount of equity on your account where all orders are closed, i.e. if 1 000, all orders are closed if your account goes below 1 000. This can be set as 0 for no intervention.
  • UseAutoOptimizationAtLaunch: True or False
  • RunSelfOptimizationAtLaunch: True or False
  • FrequenceOptimizationHours: How often you want to auto optimize in hours
  • MaxBarsOptimization: How many bars back do you want to auto optimize
  • Fixed parameters: These are automatically optimized once the EA is loaded on your screen they are:
    • Bands
    • Deviations
    • ATR
    • ATR Period
  • CloseOn MaClose: True or False (the EA closes positions once the optimized MA is reached)
  • Stops and Take profit: Optimized and automatically entered (there should be a starting stop value that is adjusted by the EA according to ATR)
The default settings are optimized for EURUSD H1.

Please see description of A BlackBox EA for more data on fixed parameters.

It is not recommended to have the EA working on FED days and ECB days.

Buy this EA and Enjoy!

Buy ABlackBoxSelfOptEA Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems


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A Breakthrough! Using the logic behind the Classic A Black Box EA, a total self-optimizing, automatic and adaptive version has been developed.

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